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Sepiring ialah sebahagian kumpulan restoran TCRS dan diperakui “HALAL” oleh Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM), - badan berkuasa HALAL yang diakui di peringkat antarabangsa, membolehkan para pengguna membeli tanpa sekatan budaya dan agama.

Jaminan Kami
Kami mengambil langkah tegas dalam memastikan semua produk kami diproses dan dihasilkan mengikut Undang-Undang Syariah dan adalah menjadi kepentingan kami untuk memenuhi piawaian tinggi yang telah ditetapkan untuk diiktiraf sebagai Halal. Kami mempunyai ahli-ahli jawatankuasa Halal di dalam syarikat yang terdiri daripada Pakar Pemakanan dan Syariah yang merancang dan mengawal sumber bahan mentah dan menguatkuasakan amalan pematuhaan aspek Halal yang terbaik ke semua restoran kami.

Kesemua restoran kami, dari dapur utama ke semua cawangan restoran disahkan Halal oleh JAKIM dari Malaysia. Kami juga mengambil langkah kawalan dalaman yang sangat tegas dari segi mendapatkan bahan mentah sehingga ke penyediaan dan menghidangkan kepada pelanggan kami.

Kami memastikan pekerja-pekerja kami menyediakan makanan dengan mematuhi amalan kebersihan yang baik dalam penyedian dan penyajian makanan. Pemeriksaaan tahap kebersihan dan aspek mematuhi piawaian Halal dilakukan dengan kerap di kesemua restoran kami. Badan Jawatankuasa Halal kami sering berurusan dengan pihak JAKIM dalam memastikan restoran - restoran kami mematuhi piaiwan yang terkini yang ditetapkan dan dikawal oleh JAKIM.

Badan Audit Dalaman kami juga sering mengendalikan pemeriksaan secara mengejut ke atas restoran - restoran dan juga premis pembekal kami dalam memastikan mereka mematuhi piawaian certifikasi Halal oleh JAKIM.

TCRS Restaurants Sdn Bhd memberi jaminan kepada pengguna di mana kami telah melalui setiap proses dan pemeriksaan yang dilaksanakan oleh JAKIM dan kami telah diakui seratus peratus Halal bersesuaian dengan Undang-Undang Syariah.

Untuk mendapatkan informasi lanjut mengenai status Halal kami, sila lawati: JAKIM
Sepiring is part of the TCRS group of restaurants and is certified “HALAL” by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) – an internationally recognised HALAL authority, making it possible for all consumers to enjoy the brand without cultural or religious barriers.

Our Assurance
Meeting the high standards of Halal compliance is of utmost importance to us and we take stringent measures to ensure that all our products are processed and produced in accordance with Shariah law. Internally, we have a Halal committee, comprising of Syariah and Food Technologists that regulate the sourcing of raw materials and enforce best Halal practices throughout our outlets.

All our premises – from our central kitchen to all outlets – are certified Halal by JAKIM for Malaysia. We also adopt strict internal controls from the sourcing of raw materials to preparation and serving it to our customers.

Strict hygiene practices are instilled in the preparation of food as well as in our staff. Hygiene and Halal compliance checks are carried out regularly at all our outlets. Our Halal committee also works closely with JAKIM to ensure that all our outlets are kept up to date with any standards and requirements as set and regulated by JAKIM.

Our Internal Audit Halal team and Halal committee also constantly carry out surprise audit checks at our own premises as well as our supplier’s premises to ensure that our outlets and suppliers adhere to the high standards of Halal certification by JAKIM.

TCRS Restaurants Sdn Bhd assures you that we have gone through every process and examination prescribed to us by JAKIM and we have been established as being 100% Halal in accordance with Shariah law.

For more information on our Halal status, visit JAKIM.

Proud of our colourful heritage, our menu carries an exciting variety with recipes from all corners of Malaysia. It is this harmonious blend of flavours that makes us all 'uniquely Malaysian'. And just as Malaysians love sharing meals from Sepiring, we enjoy serving homegrown meals in a welcoming atmosphere that rekindles a joy worth sharing with friends and family over and over again.

Sepiring - bringing people together one plate at a time.
We’re looking for lively, competent individuals who are passionate about Malaysian food!

Join our enthusiastic team in an environment that’s rich in warmth, with promising career opportunities.

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